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Are you faced with the question of whether or not to tear off your existing roof and start from scratch or shingle over it and save a few bucks?

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Although saving money now may sound like a good idea, it may also end up costing you more in the future.  Only a reputable, professional, and experienced Roofer will know what the best course of action will be for you.

Over time, plywood can turn brittle and weak and can lead to some serious damages to the inside of your house.  If plywood breaks, it can tear away the underlayment and allow water to get into your house when it rains.

As we mentioned earlier, only a well trained, certified, and professional roofing contractor will know whether your roof needs a tear off or whether you can safely shingle over without any problems.

Don’t put this decision into the hands of an unlicensed contractor who won’t be found down the road to face the consequences in the likely event something bad happens.

Things to consider:

Homeowners Insurance Companies tend to frown on covering repairs for work done by unlicensed contractors because the chances of recovering that money is very slim.

Unlicensed Contractors can’t pull permits for the job.  No permits, no inspection.  No inspection, no guarantee of safety and that the work was done right and to code.

If the unlicensed contractor or his crew gets hurt on your property, you will most likely be forced to foot the bill.

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